Trust Center
Trust is foundational to our company and how we engage with our clients, vendors and partners.
For over 10 years now, Everseen has made trust a key imperative in doing any kind of business. From the contract with our office kitchen coffee supplier, to the contract with our largest customer, we dot every "i", cross every "t", and we mind everything in-between with devotion to excellence.

Everseen continues to build on that history, and on the trust earned on a daily basis from North American to European and customers down under, especially in the current times and as we expand our platform to cover processes end-to-end and beyond.

At Everseen, security is always at the forefront.
Everseen's Ethical AI principles
AI systems should have algorithmic responsibility and accountability. AI technology must be subject to human oversight and control.
We acknowledge the potential of AI algorithms and datasets to reflect, reinforce, or reduce unfair biases. We understand that distinguishing fair from unfair biases is not always easy. But we will strive to avoid unjust impacts on people.
AI systems should be safe and secure, ensure a fall back plan, as well as be accurate, reliable and reproducible. This way unintentional harm can be minimized and prevented.
We support efforts to improve transparency and responsible disclosure to ensure people have an opportunity to understand how their experience is being affected by an AI system.
Beneficial Innovation
We commit to incorporating these principles as well as our core values as we apply new AI technologies to solve real-world problems.
Everseen's Security Manifesto
When you choose Everseen, you can be assured of the following:
Informational Security Policy
Our Trust Center will provide you with information about our commitment to protect your data, and maintain the security and privacy for our enterprise, offerings and services.
Monitoring and Incident Response
Everseen takes security issues seriously and employs feedback from researchers and the security community to improve the security of products and services.
Secure Platform
Our platform architecture security includes the latest in access authentication, vulnerability and countermeasures.
Employee Security Awareness
We cover security aspects from employee On-boarding / Off-boarding, to continuous security training and awareness, physical security, etc.
Third Party Reports
Independent evaluation schemes (e.g. GDPR)
Trust & Transparency
You will find information in our internal IT security management program, privacy framework and adherence to industry standards of our products and services.