About Us
A small group of dreamers assembled in their makeshift conference room "the Rocknrollseen".
...and that's where it started
Our opening act
A promise made and a promise kept:
· see everything · change anything by a category-defining Visual AI™ Platform transforming the way we do business.
Open mic policy
Everseeners care deeply about their bands and people who make them. Joining the band means experiencing countless learning opportunities. You are given the independence to work across unique projects and with a vast array of people across the globe.
Keeping this show on the road
Not only do we rock the status quo, we continuously create value and roll-out business practical solutions at an unmatched paced in our industry.
Never take the wrong road knowingly.
Go every road you can or want to.
Be the best you can be at whatever road it is you are on.
Treat life with the respect that it deserves, all life from the grass to the man.
This message is purposely factual,
the way he liked everything to be,
being a physicist.
Gavin Doyle
Management Team
Experienced builder and inventor working in every facet of retail, in both physical and digital channels, through privately owned retail propositions and via leading numerous SAP implementations.
Alan O'Herlihy
Founder & CEO
Sector expert in computer vision application with 15+ years in this space. One of Everseen's earliest employees. Strong links to University Polytechnique Timisoara. Ph.D. from Dublin City University.
Dr. Bogdan Ciubotaru
Chief Technology Officer
Leads the commercial team with 18+ years experience in the loss protection sector. Previously President and Managing Director EMEA of Checkpoint Systems.
Rafael Alegre
VP Sales & Operations
Experienced M&A advisor for companies in the technology software space. Integrally involved in the funding and acceleration of Just Eat, Zoopla and Car Trawler.
Huw Lloyd
VP of Strategy
Leads global sales efforts with 25+ years in enterprise sales. Specializes in CCTV, security and software sales
Chris Taylor
VP Sales
25+ years in retail strategy, analytics and implementation roles. Previously President (Americas) at Blue Yonder and in a variety of leadership positions at Accenture, Nielsen and Walgreens.
Alex Siskos
VP of Growth Strategies
Extensive background in corporate finance and financial reporting. Specializes in the start up and scale up of software technology companies. ACA with PwC.
Sam Hunt
VP Finance
Coaching CEOs and CFOs of growth-stage firms to create and execute global IP strategies with a focus on scaling and attracting investment. Author of 3 global IP strategy bestsellers: "IP Fantasia", "Billion Dollar IP Strategy" and "Intellectual Property for Executives"
Raymond J. Hegarty
VP of Intellectual Property
Parvu Ovidiu
VP Research
20 years of experience creating and leading software innovation teams at Microsoft, HP and others.
Daniela Falcusan
Director of Emerging
Milos has participated in several projects funded by European commission and DARPA and published several papers in the area of ML with applications in biomedical engineering. His research is focused onML and computer vision with special focus on applications within the retail industry.
Dr. Milos Radovic
Head of AI Research
Head of AI innovation with a huge passion for Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision, especially for Explainable AI and Ethical AI. Formerly head of Machine Learning at Formdwell Robotics
Milos Jordanski
Head of AI Innovation
6+ experience in IT industry in the fields of ML and data science. Especially focussed on computer vision applications in the retail industry.
Marko Milanovic
Head of AI Applications
Eoin O'Neill
VP Staff
Accomplished organizer in international business development. Focused on sourcing and nurturing R&D talent in Artificial Intelligence sector and enabling super-performance teams.
Milan Zelovic
VP People
20+ years experience in retail and asset protection, previously leading the division at Ireland's largest retailer. 10+ years experience running offshore data mining and production environments.
Jonathan Burke
Director of Overseas
20 plus years experience in information technology, engineering science and innovation.
Joe Allen
VP Info Systems
I bring technology development together with retail operations for step changes in tools, processes and innovative results. Specialties: Intranet development, intranet strategy, multi-discipline team management, web content, content channel strategy, silo busting, business development
Josh Osmon
VP Product
20+ years of sophisticated international experience across the full spectrum of legal and compliance issues, gained from a combination of private practice and senior in-house roles in global companies.
Robert Sweeney
General Counsel