Checkout Process Intelligence
Retail intelligence at the intersection of physical products, customers, staff and transactions

Speculation, anecdotes, security weigh scales and more surveys

For years, the industry has only speculated, with anecdotes and hearsay, about checkout losses. Historically, both staffed and self check-out registers were monitored by imprecise scales, POS databases and Loss Prevention personnel.

Everseen's Visual AI™ platform is transforming how the world's largest retailers solve their checkout process problems - error, theft and missed opportunities to improve customer experience, drive efficiency and boost profit.

An integrated suite of expert systems

Visual AI™ acts as the super layer on top, revealing the reality of customer friction, associate inefficiency, process breakdown, product issues and true source of shrink. All in real-time, from millisecond of POS data, with video frame proof, allowing customers to self correct scanning mistakes.

The industry's first deployed at scale application of product identification, produce recognition, mis-scanning, product switching, ticket switching, bottom of basket, direct-drop and more.

Finally, real self-scan retail loss data, at scale

With Everseen now deployed at thousands of stores, we know:

• the recovered loss is more than $4,000 per store, per week
• customer interventions are reduced by up to 90%
• throughput is increased more than 20%
• all while improving inventory accuracy and CX multi-fold

Supply Chain Intelligence
Optimize logistics processes from the distribution center to the back of store

Activate the best action, upward and onward

For years ERP and warehouse management systems are being upgraded or "acquired upon" and retailers are caught in this endless battle of predicting uncertainty. 2020 exposed foundational cracks, fast-tracked digitization, and made "real-time" a retail imperative.

Our proprietary blend of computer vision and AI is helping the world's largest retailers protect against waste, errors, and theft - and transform their business. It's providing awareness in context of the scene.

Visual AI™ is the 'super layer' on top

Visual AI™ is agnostic - it was built to work in any environment. Modular and configurable. Most recently, integrated with ERP and WMS systems of record.

Across your supply chain, Everseen's platform is ingesting inputs from various devices and sensors and making sense of myriads of structured and unstructured data points.

Visual AI™ can verify correct pallets received. It can track cycle count and power replenishment. It can ensure pick accuracy in real-time and power smart audits. Track congestion in the loading area. Keep an eye on pallet, cage, tote receiving and cross-docking.

It's providing real-time visual assistance and feedback.

Unmatched value from adaptive tech - how Visual AI™ super layer impacts your supply chain

With Everseen now extended further onto the shopfloor, into the backroom, and all the way through to the warehouses, Visual AI™ lowers shrink and allows for perpetual inventory accuracy.

Our revolutionary new Visual AI™ platform can see and correct human processes in real time.

Process Automation
By remotely understanding business processes, automation can be targeted at the 'moments that matter'

Business challenge(s)

If you can see what we call the unseen, you can re-invent and even automate process.

Many businesses run critical process with queried database information or manual insight. For example, in the QSR measuring drive-thru queue time starts when the order is given, or in grocery on-shelf availability is known with stock takes, or store hygiene is only catered to when a slip occurs.

The unseen is the queue before the order given, the car abandoning the line, the frustration with an empty shelf, and the customer slipping.

The breakthrough

Using our Visual AI™ as a super layer on top of the database(s) we can measure the true opportunity for e.g. more throughput, higher sales, and lay the foundations for 'live' A/B research to explore new ways of influencing process and even automating it.

Opportunity to transform now

Seeing the unseen and understanding the exploration of re-inventing the process, Everseen powers the following:

• process breakdown measured by category/component
• eliminates ghost theories and wasted efforts
• process automation feasibility check/enable