machine vision

our cutting-edge computer vision algorithms are optimized for precise motion recognition, and are feeding AI/ML libraries, other deep learning frameworks as part of our virtualized proprietary AI platform – seenic.ai

artificial intelligence

seenic.ai, our proprietary AI platform, combines advanced machine learning technology with computer vision algorithms and neural networks to deliver leading technological solutions to the retail industry

enterprise data & IoT at the edge

delivering valuable operational insight by contextualizing visual data and helping overcome bias and presupposition to the edges of networks

real-time enterprise intelligence

our seenic.ai platform enables affiliate/partner technology interactions (e.g. within ERP) as well as the creation of new collaboration channels in the journey of connecting demand and supply chains

process mining

observe – interpret – respond

everseen amplifies awareness of scenes unfolding daily in retail, pinpointing the “moments that matter”, in order to nudge a behavior one seeks to change, and/or transform the underlying process

process automation

we at the forefront of next-gen ‘smart-retailing’, revolutionizing the shopping experience, and providing added cost saving solutions to retailers, aligned with the changing state of commerce and customer expectations

augmented reality / virtual reality

our object aware capability is the foundation of an augmented reality platform, which steers the evolution of human machine interface

human-centric AI design

we empower humans to do what humans do best; starting with skill and activity to produce the best possible outcome