• we are constantly pushing the boundaries in retail to
    enable a richer customer experience and improved efficiency
  • here are some of the projects in the works

Parking Lot

  • empowering high value retail processes in the car lot
  • augmenting fulfilment solutions at retail

Click-and-collect is a major part of retailers’ technology roadmaps. Right now there are several processes involving the parking lot area with solutions ranging from drive-up lockers, to curbside drive-thru fulfillment options.

However, there is a revolution coming particularly in the automation of click-and-collect programs, and everseen is at the forefront of providing solutions to optimize such processes and experiences.


  • check-out free solution
  • enriching emotional intelligence

Check-out free and autonomous storefronts have been a passion of everseen long before we introduced Øline.

The main focus on this journey has always been the real-time tracking, mapping and analysis of people, product and processes. The objective being: business process improvement.

Check-out free was the trigger, but the automation of select repeatable and/or mundane tasks has become the rewarding opportunity. We realized quickly the benefit for customers, store associates and suppliers alike.

Now, we are busy process mining and automating process which are empowering humans to do what humans do best, reshaping commerce as we know it.